Elections Coming Up – Will Holidays Be Extended?

Elections Coming Up - Will Holidays Be Extended?

Elections are coming up in Karnataka and the question is: will holidays be extended? The state is witnessing high voter turnout. It is a hotly contested state with three major parties vying for power. The three seats where the BJP will go head-to-head with the Congress are Vijayapura, Bagalkote and Chamarajanagara. Besides these parties, the Janata Dal (Secular) is also in the fray in one seat.

Schools resumed after 35 days of holiday

After a long summer vacation of 35 days, the state of Karnataka has finally reopened its schools. Despite lockdowns and disruptions to physical classes, students returned to school on Monday. The education department of the state made elaborate arrangements to welcome students and teachers. The chief minister of the state, Basavaraj Bommai, greeted students and teachers on the occasion.

The state government issued a series of instructions to the district administrations to ensure the peace in the state. The CM arranged video conference meetings with ministers and departmental officials to discuss the issue. Meanwhile, the Department of School Education Research and Training (DSERT) is finalising a Standard Operating Procedure for offline lessons. Schools across the state resumed on Monday, with classes for classes up to class 10 starting.

The decision was welcomed by the state government. However, the resumption of classes has been delayed due to the recent outbreak of the deadly coronavirus COVID-19 in the state. The government has allowed students in grades nine through twelve to visit teachers. Regular offline classes were, however, suspended until September 21. The department has asked teachers to be present in their classes, as well as make sure students are properly prepared for class.

One-day leave granted to graduates and teachers

The state government has instructed heads of educational establishments in 18 districts to grant a day off to all eligible workers to participate in the elections. The polls are for four seats in the Legislative Council and are expected to attract more than one crore voters. Teachers and graduates should take advantage of the special leave to exercise their civic rights and vote in the elections. In Karnataka, the education department has set up over 200 educational institutions to facilitate voting.

During the recent election in Karnataka, the government has declared a public holiday on June 13 for all teachers and graduates. The holiday is also extended to the government establishments such as hospitals and schools. The government has also declared three-day holidays for schools and colleges. The holiday is a rare measure as it helps the workers to recharge their batteries. In Karnataka, the holiday is extended for teachers and graduates to attend religious events or undertake other activities that are of great importance.

COVID case to be heard by a larger bench

The Supreme Court of India has issued a new Standard Operating Procedure to hear cases. The new SOP does not specifically restrict what types of cases the court can hear. The court is ready to hear a wider variety of cases. But, it must be noted that it is still not going back to the physical hearing of cases. Until then, it will continue to hear cases via video-conference.

A three-judge bench has been constituted to hear the COVID case, which is challenging the ban on wearing hijab in schools and colleges. The bench will consist of the Chief Justice of Karnataka, Justice Krishna S Dixit, and Justice Khazi Jaibunnisa Mohiuddin. The case was referred to the high court after petitioners challenged a ban on wearing hijab in public places. The Karnataka government argued that the hijab is a dress code requirement. In support of its arguments, Karnataka government counsel pointed to a number of judgments.

Hijab controversy in Karnataka

A recent Hijab controversy in India triggered a global debate over the fashion and necessity of covering the head. In the state of Karnataka, Muslim junior college students were barred from attending their classes because they failed to adhere to the school uniform policy. A recent article in the Hindu revealed that the school had refused Muslim students admission to classes, citing the policy violation. Despite widespread condemnation, the Indian state has yet to declare a ban on the hijab.

The Hijab controversy in Karnataka has fueled widespread debate online. It has spawned a video that has gone viral on the internet. It features a Muslim girl who is about to take her board exams. She is concerned that her classmates will judge her if she wears the hijab. And she wants to study wildlife photography. However, she has experienced violence because of her hijab.

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