Holidays 4 Less – Who Owns Holidays 4 Less?

Holidays 4 Less - Who Owns Holidays 4 Less?

The company is registered as Private Limited Company under the registration number OC31409. Its description is “We provide high quality family holidays”. We operate in the United Kingdom. The company is located in the city of London, UK. We have a lot of holiday packages that you can choose from. The prices are competitive and the packages are unique and fun. The registration number and company description can help you determine if this company is the right one for your family.

Private Limited Company

GO Travel 4 Less Private Ltd is a privately held, unlisted company. Its business is Transportation, storage and communications. It is headed by NEELAM MALHOTRA, and its registered office is located at A-15 Second Floor, Hauz Khas New, Delhi, 110016. Holidays 4 Less is an Indian company that has been in the business of travel for over 15 years.

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