Holidays Meaning in Hindi

Holidays Meaning in Hindi

You may have heard of the words tumhaai chuttiyaaN or chutttii. The holidays in Hindi are also known as chutti and chuttttii. Here we will discuss the two meanings of holidays in Hindi. Here is a brief introduction to them:


In Hindi, the word “holidays” has two distinct meanings. Chutttii means “holiday” and “chuttiyam” means “holiday” or “chutti”. There is some confusion about the correct pronunciation of the word. The following information will help you understand chutttii and its meaning in Hindi. The pronunciation guide will help you make a correct pronunciation of this Indian word.

The holidays are observed during different dates throughout the year. They can be any religious celebration. In Hindi, they’re also called “gudd phraaidde” and “mhaaviir jyNtii.”


If you’re wondering what the word ‘holidays’ means in Hindi, you’ve come to the right place. The word holidays is pronounced chuttiyaaN, and has two possible meanings: chuttiyam and chutttii. The first word is a synonym of the second, meaning “holidays”.

In Hindi, the word “chuttiya” means fool, and is often used to mock, ridicule, or call someone inferior. When used as a verb, the word can be used to sneer, shout, or show someone’s mistake. It’s commonly used in the West and North, and is often paired with a noun. If you’re looking for the Hindi equivalent of “fool,” you’ve come to the right place.


You may be wondering what the word Vikreta means in Hindi. Well, luckily for you, it does not mean anything bad. In fact, it actually has a positive meaning. Read on to find out more about this holiday and the meaning it holds. There is even a Hindi etymology. We’ve also included the English translation in case you want to use it. If you want to learn more about Vikreta, you can contribute by editing this article.

The English translation of this Hindi word is “vikretaa”. This word is also used to describe the holidays. Vikretaa holidays are a time when the whole family can get together for a celebration of the New Year. The holiday is also celebrated by many Hindus. The festivities are marked with festivals. The Hindu culture celebrates this festival with lots of fun and games, which make it an enjoyable time for the whole family.


If you’re unsure what Chutti means, this dictionary entry will help you. It describes the various ways in which Chutti can be used. It also has its etymology and translation into English. There are also several alternative spellings, which can help you find the right definition for your needs. Chutti refers to a plant that grows in India. It is also known as Zizyphus caracutta Roxb.

Holidays in Hindi have two translations. The first is chuttiyam, while the second is chutttii. While chutti is the correct translation of the English word, it is important to note that the word means “holidays.”

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