Hyderabad – Will Holidays Be Extended in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad - Will Holidays Be Extended in Hyderabad?

After the recent heavy rains, schools in Hyderabad have declared a holiday. According to Telangana government, holidays will be extended till January 30. Private colleges have also declared a holiday. Heavy rains have also disrupted normal life in the city. Read on to know more about the situation in Hyderabad. If the weather continues to be severe, schools will remain closed for an extra day.

Telangana government extends holidays till January 30

Teachers in Telangana have been given extra time for vacations, as the Telangana government has extended the holidays for all schools, colleges and other educational institutions. The holidays were supposed to start from January 8, but Telangana government has extended them till January 30 in Hyderabad. The government did not clarify if the vacation period is applicable to online classes offered by government schools. But, the holidays are expected to provide much-needed relief to many people.

The extended holidays have come as a welcome move for teachers. After a few months of a lack of time, parents, students, and students are now free to spend the holidays with their families and friends. Many schools and educational institutions in the city have been closed due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases. The Telangana government announced this decision on Monday. However, it is not clear whether the school holidays will continue in the future.

Private colleges declare holiday for a single day

The Telangana government declared two days of vacations for all public and private educational institutes in the city on Monday. This was a response to the relentless rainfall that lashed Hyderabad for over 48 hours, resulting in widespread flooding. Although the rains have subsided, power supply has not. The state government has asked citizens to stay at home, and MAUD minister KT Rama Rao has appealed to citizens to stay home during the holiday.

The Telangana government has declared three days of holiday for all educational institutions in the state. On Monday, the water level in the Godavari river reached 48 feet, triggering a red alert in eight districts. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has also issued further rain warnings for the next 24 hours. The government has taken all necessary measures to avoid further disruptions in the educational system.

Covid pandemic impedes learning in schools

The COVID pandemic is overwhelming education systems and hampering learning in schools around the world. The effects vary according to country, family background and access to substitute education, but children are particularly affected. In the United States, it affected 55 million children under the age of 18 – or approximately 1.4 billion people globally. There are many ways to address the challenges of the COVID pandemic and to make it less threatening for children.

The CDC published a brief describing the evidence about COVID among children and adolescents. It also provides recommendations for prevention strategies. This should be a layered approach. School administrators should consider local COVID community transmission when designing preventative strategies for their schools. There are many factors that can affect the health of children, including poverty. Children who live in poor neighborhoods and those with low incomes have the greatest difficulty accessing nutrition and shelter. This has significant and tangible consequences for their development.

Heavy rains disrupt normal life in hyderabad

Hyderabad is reeling under the wrath of heavy monsoon rains, with several low-lying areas under water. Police have appealed to commuters to postpone their journeys by one hour to allow rainwater to drain out of discharge points. Heavy rains disrupted normal life in the city, with bicycles washed away from outside homes in Malepally and other areas in the city. Toli Chowki, Yakutpura, and Mogalpura have also witnessed conditions of tremendous water logging.

A fresh spell of heavy rains has struck Hyderabad, causing a complete disruption to normal life. Inundation of low-lying areas has blocked roads and junctions, and floodwater is obstructing traffic. In some areas, roads and bridges are completely underwater. Water has also been seen entering homes, causing significant delays. The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation’s Disaster Response Force is working to drain the inundated areas.

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