Punjab School Education Department Looks Into Extending Holidays Until January 13, 2022

Punjab School Education Department Looks Into Extending Holidays Until January 13, 2022

The Punjab School Education Department is looking into extending the winter vacations until January 13, 2022. The holiday break was originally announced from December 23 until January 4, but it was extended because of adverse weather conditions and the Covid 19 Omicron virus strain. The decision to extend winter vacations until January 13 is a move that could have a major impact on school vacations in the province. But the decision has been disputed by many parents and educational institutions.

Public schools may decide to close earlier

In the wake of a health scare that has left over 1,000 patients in hospitals in one day in Punjab, parents have begun talking about school closures. The government, however, says that it is not considering closing schools. Instead, it is waiting for instructions from the NCOC. Schools will remain open as long as they have a 100% attendance rate. But, if you have a child who has not been vaccinated against the coronavirus, you’ll be asked to leave school.

When deciding whether to close school, the Superintendent of Schools consults with other superintendents and Town officials to make an informed decision. A variety of factors are considered, including the amount of snow, visibility, and road clearance. The Department of Public Works also weighs in to make sure the schools are safe for students. Ultimately, the decision will be made around 5:30 in the morning and notified to parents as soon as possible. For parents who aren’t aware of these decisions, it is a good idea to make sure that you’ve set your email to receive them.

NCOC meeting to decide on extension of winter vacations

The provincial government will hold a meeting on December 29 to decide on whether to extend the winter vacations for education institutions. It will then inform the provincial entities about the new schedule. The federal education ministry and the NCOC appeared to disagree on the start of winter vacations. NCOC had proposed starting the vacations in the middle of January, while the education ministry announced the holidays would begin on Dec 25. The education minister tweeted the date of winter vacations on Tuesday.

The province is notified by the provincial government if it is unable to extend the winter vacations. This decision will not affect areas affected by extreme weather. School authorities will inform parents about the decision. The meeting was attended by the Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mehmood, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Health Dr. Faisal Sultan, and other stakeholders. In a statement, the NCOC said that the decision to extend winter vacations was taken to maximize the amount of vaccinations of students against the viral disease. This will allow parents to get their children vaccinated against the virus as early as possible.

Extension of winter vacations until January 13

The Punjab School Education Department has decided to extend the winter vacations until January 13 next year. All government and private schools in the province will be closed on Monday due to the fresh westerly system. The new dates are different for districts that experience smog levels. Earlier, the vacations were scheduled to begin on December 23. Schools will also be closed in the province’s higher educational institutions. There are no other school closures scheduled for the next three weeks, however.

The government has decided to extend the winter break in schools in the province of Punjab until January 13, 2022. The announcement was made by the Punjab School Education Department and will be finalized in a day or two. The Punjab government has also said that it is committed to ensuring that every child receives a good education and is not disadvantaged in any way. Earlier, it was expected that winter vacations would last only for three weeks, but this year, the dates were extended to six weeks, to give students more time to prepare.

Impact of COVID pandemic on school holidays

The government of Punjab declared a one month-long summer vacation for all state schools from May 14. The announcement prompted some parents to demand that the timetable be changed in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, which affected offline classes and adversely affected the studies of students. The government reconsidered its earlier decision and decided to hold classes in offline mode in all schools from May 15 to May 31.

School closures have been a common response to the COVID pandemic in many countries. The assumption behind such a measure is that it will improve the overall control of the disease. However, it is important to remember that this strategy has limited success when applied in an epidemic of low or moderate-transmissibility viruses that affect young people. Moreover, children contribute more to the transmission of the virus than adults, which is why school closures have been a common response to the pandemic.

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