Travel Agents Recommend Bulgaria For Family Holidays

Travel Agents Recommend Bulgaria For Family Holidays

If you are planning a family holiday this year, you may want to consider Bulgaria. It is one of the cheapest countries to visit in the world, and many travel agents recommend it. It is also a popular destination for cruises. Listed as one of the best destinations for holiday money by the Post Office, Bulgaria is an excellent choice. It’s also one of the most popular destinations for cruise ships, especially those with children.

Travel agents recommend Bulgaria to families

If you’re unsure about whether Bulgaria is suitable for your family, consider staying at a hotel with kids’ facilities. The majority of Bulgarian hotels have child-friendly facilities, including sofa beds that can serve as third beds. Many hotels also have animators, nannies and governesses available to assist young travelers with activities. Some have a dedicated children’s club or pool and other activities. For the ultimate family vacation, choose a hotel with a four-star rating.

If you’re traveling with children, be aware that the safety standards in Bulgaria are lower than in the UK. For example, balconies are generally less secure than pools. However, Bulgaria is generally safe for families with kids. Taking a car is a good option, as driving is safe and allows you to reach off-the-beaten-path destinations. Families who want to explore the country’s beautiful landscapes can also drive to nearby destinations.

For a family-friendly vacation in Bulgaria, consider visiting Plovdiv, which was named European Capital of Culture in 2019. While the country is home to many ancient ruins, the country is also known for its dynamic lifestyle and spirituality. Annual festivals and events are a great way to immerse yourself in the culture, learn about the country’s history and meet the local people. Annual events include the Young Wine Festival, Plodvid Beer Fest, Kapana Fest and NIGHT Festival.

Sofia, the country’s capital, is a central sightseeing center. There are tours available for adults and children. Children will enjoy exploring the city on foot on inexpensive walking tours led by Russian-speaking guides. Sofia’s National Museum of History is another popular destination for young travelers, while teenagers will enjoy the Museum of Socialist Art. This museum is well worth a visit. And if you’re traveling with older children, be sure to arrange a private tour with an adult guide.

When traveling in Bulgaria with children, it’s recommended to hire a tour guide. Otherwise, you could be taken by taxi drivers who speak little English and take you to random tourist destinations just for the money. Many Bulgarians are familiar with English, and are happy to chat with tourists. And even if they don’t speak English, younger Bulgarians are usually more likely to speak English and would be happy to chat with you.

While the Bulgarian economy is very diverse, many European tourists are seeking a cheap getaway, which often involves drinking. Be aware of this fact when traveling to Bulgaria – loud drunken behaviour is not uncommon. In the country, you might also encounter problems at night. However, you should not let these problems stop you from traveling to Bulgaria – this is a country with a strong national identity and tradition. Travelers should choose a city in Bulgaria that suits them best.

Bulgaria is rated the cheapest of 46 destinations in the Post Office’s annual Holiday Money Report

In the report, the Post Office compares the prices of eight essential holiday items in 46 different countries. These include a cup of coffee from a local cafe, a large bottle of mineral water, sun cream, and a three-course meal with wine. They don’t include flights, which would be a further cost. Bulgaria, meanwhile, is rated the cheapest of the 46 destinations. Bulgaria’s capital Plovdiv, which has been declared European Capital of Culture, costs just 46 pounds.

Bulgaria also has some lovely sandy beaches, which vary in activity and calmness. Located on the Black Sea, Bulgaria’s beaches are ideal for families. There are two main resorts here, both of which are popular with British tourists. Apart from the beach resorts, Bulgaria also has numerous national parks and vast mountain ranges. With such a diverse range of accommodation, restaurants, and amenities, there’s something for every type of holidaymaker.

Despite the cost of accommodation, Bulgaria has an incredibly pleasant climate. During the summer months, water temperatures can reach 25 degrees, which is perfect for a summer holiday. Bulgaria’s 370km of coastline is also a great beach destination. The sun shines almost continuously, and temperatures remain consistently warm all year round. If you are looking for an affordable holiday, Bulgaria has an array of attractions to suit all budgets.

The Post Office’s annual Holiday Money Report has revealed that Bulgaria has the best value for money. The country has a good infrastructure, with drop kerbs and wheelchair accessibility. For families with children, Bulgaria has an abundance of good quality holiday accommodation, restaurants, and bars. Its natural beauty and affordable prices make Bulgaria a great place to go on holiday.

A surprise to many, Bulgaria is one of the cheapest summer holiday destinations for Britons, and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The region of Bourgas, in the south-east corner of the country, has 56 square kilometres of beaches. And there is plenty of shopping in the area. Bulgaria is also home to the world’s most famous resort, the Golden Sands, with a stunning seafront.

Another surprise: Bulgaria has the best all-inclusive hotels and villas. Its beaches are clean and sandy, and the hotels are all inclusive. For younger children, a trip to Nesebar’s white sands will be an excellent break from the city’s busy streets. For older children, there are many historical sites to explore.

Portugal has been labelled one of the 12 ‘green light’ destinations. It has recently announced that rules for overseas travel will be relaxed from 17th May. The Post Office Travel Money Holiday Money Report rates Portugal top for value, with prices falling in three-quarters of the countries surveyed. This is a very encouraging sign. The report recommends taking the time to read about the regulations in the country you are planning to visit.

More Bulgarians are choosing cruises for their holidays. In 2012, 28 million people cruised in Bulgaria, an increase of 5.5% over the previous year. This year, nearly 30 million people are expected to cruise, with twelve thousand Bulgarians joining them. According to the Usit Colors office, which offers cruises, the country’s cruise popularity is on the rise. A recent survey revealed that eight in ten Bulgarians who cruised would choose the same form of vacation again.

Although it is a popular destination for cruises, it isn’t one that big cruise companies have been using for moorings. There have been several recent incidents of insecurity in the Black Sea, which has impacted the tourism industry. For example, the port of Burgas has not received a major cruise ship mooring since 2014. The port has not received a single request from a cruise ship for months.

This country’s history is surprisingly diverse. The country was influenced by the Greeks, Scythians, Romans, Byzantines, and Turks. After the fall of the iron curtain, Bulgaria became a tourist hotspot, with its beautiful golden beaches and diverse cultural influences. The country also boasts the oldest wine-making industry in Europe. Whether you want to see the UNESCO-listed ruins of ancient cities or relax on the white sandy beaches, Bulgaria is a popular destination for cruises.

Many ships visit Bulgaria’s beautiful Danube River. Some of the best are Ponant, which operates under French flag and offers excursions along the Black Sea coastline. Some of the ships that sail along the Danube include Euro River Cruises, Viking, and Scenic. Another luxury liner that is popular with cruisers is AMA Waterways. This company pioneers luxury river cruising with their Romantic Danube and Gems of Southeast Europe. The ship MS Amamagna is a luxury vessel with luxurious amenities and individual space.

One of the most famous cities on the Danube River is Rousse. Referred to as “Little Vienna,” this city boasts a diverse mix of orthodox and secular architecture, tree-lined squares, and charming fountains. Other popular destinations include Veliko Tarnovo, the former imperial capital of Bulgaria, and the historic village of Arbanasi. While in Bulgaria, it is best to visit during the early fall season, when temperatures remain mild.

Several beaches along the Black Sea coast are accessible from the city center. The city of Burgas, which has an excellent marina, has some great attractions for cruisers. For those who want to explore the country’s beachy side, a cruise to Burgas is the perfect way to do so. The city is also surrounded by beautiful Burgas Lakes, making it a perfect spot to try Bulgarian cuisine. Several traditional taverns are located in the city.

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