When Holidays Go Horribly Wrong

When Holidays Go Horribly Wrong

This 90-minute special features first-person interviews of holiday-goers who ended up with disastrous vacations. Narrated by Glynis Barber, the show shares the stories of real people whose holiday vacations turned out to be a total disaster. Some of the stories are funny and some are heartbreaking. For more information, visit the website for “When Holidays Go Horribly Wrong.”

People’s holidays ended in disaster

Every family has a holiday tale, including one in which people’s holidays ended in disaster. During the festive season, holiday mishaps can hijack the fun and turn the happiest time of the year into infamy. Afterwards, the tales of the holiday’s demise become stories to tell and retell. Eventually, they become even more vivid, embellished by the passing of time.

Real-life people’s holidays that went horribly wrong

The BBC’s ‘When Luxury Holidays Go Horribly Wrong’ series has a new documentary titled ‘Had They Seen It Coming?’ featuring real-life accounts of how luxury travel goes terribly wrong. The show, which was broadcast in March ’22, shows how travellers’ holidays can go horribly wrong, and offers advice on how to avoid them.

All-inclusive holidays gone horribly wrong

Many people love all-inclusive holidays, but these can turn out to be extremely stressful. In addition to having the utmost amount of food and drinks on offer, all-inclusive holidays can also include a great deal of extra stress and worry. If this is the case for you, here are some things to keep in mind before you book your next all-inclusive holiday. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid all-inclusive holidays going horribly wrong.

While all-inclusive holidays are designed to be hassle-free, there have been cases where they have turned out to be the worst vacation ever. In Crete, for example, Julia Vaughan spent £5,000 on an all-inclusive holiday and arrived in the early hours to discover that her hotel was in the middle of a massive construction site. While she had hoped to enjoy the island and get away from it all, she was shocked to find that there was a massive construction site right next to her hotel.

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