Who Holidays in Cape Verde?

Who Holidays in Cape Verde?

What kind of person would enjoy a holiday in Cape Verde? Is it a family with kids? Or is it a place for the adventurous types? Are you looking for a beach holiday or a holiday for adults? Whether you want to hike or surf, this island has something to offer everyone. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect holiday. If you want to save money, try traveling during low season.

Family holidays

You can complete your Cape Verde holiday with accommodation. There are a variety of different options to suit your needs, from Bed & Breakfasts to apartment rentals. All of these options offer a relaxed and comfortable place to stay. If you’re travelling with young children, be sure to choose a child-friendly hotel. There are plenty of child-friendly activities available at these hotels. There is a good selection of children’s activities, as well as an extensive range of family-friendly facilities.

Flights to Cape Verde are inexpensive. You can fly directly to Sal (the capital) from London, Manchester, or Bristol. The flight will take about six hours. Taxis and buses are also inexpensive ways to get around the island. If you’d prefer to travel by water, you can hire a propeller plane or a small boat to reach your hotel in Sal. If you’re planning a longer trip, consider renting a car in the islands.

Adult-only holidays

You can find some adult-only holidays in the picturesque island nation of Cape Verde. There are numerous resorts that cater for discerning travelers who seek to be alone on holiday. Adult-only hotels are often located at upmarket destinations with their own restaurants and pools. Adult-only sections at such hotels are a great option for those who want to enjoy their holidays without worrying about offending the younger members of the group. Adult-only hotels are available in most all-inclusive Cape Verde resorts, and some of them even have excursively adult-only sections.

Some of the best resorts offer adult-only holidays. Hotel Riu Touareg is located on the west coast of Boa Vista and is a 5-star all-inclusive resort. Its adult-only section features a rooftop pool, two swimming pools, a spa and a restaurant on the beach. Adults will appreciate the tranquil atmosphere of this adults-only resort. Its facilities are second-to-none, with luxurious rooms, spa facilities, and a delicious restaurant.

Beach lovers

If you are looking for a relaxing beach break, a Beach lovers holiday in Cape Verde is the perfect choice. The island nation is well-known for its friendly people and liberal attitude towards visitors, making it an excellent choice for holiday makers seeking a relaxed beach vacation. The island is generally pleasantly warm, with average temperatures of 23-27degC and temperatures below 20degC only rare during winter. A Cape Verde beach holiday is ideal for people who enjoy sun and warm weather.

The island nation of Cape Verde is a tropical archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, off the west coast of Africa. The island nation is known for its white sand beaches and turquoise waters. The country has a sunny climate all year round, making it ideal for beach lovers, (kite)-surfers, and divers. There are plenty of activities in Cape Verde for everyone to enjoy, including scuba diving and snorkelling.


A Hikers holiday in Cape Verde is a perfect way to explore the diverse island country and enjoy all of its natural beauty. This island country is situated in the central Atlantic Ocean and consists of ten volcanic islands. Its total land area is 4,033 square kilometers. The country’s landscape is a mix of lush forest and pristine beaches. Its friendly locals will provide you with excellent hiking and biking trails, so you can expect to have a memorable experience.

The most popular hiking destinations include Fogo Island, where you can trek to the highest peak on the island. From the top of the volcano, you can see the village of Cha das Caldeiras below. You can even hike through a coffee plantation! You’ll get some great views of the island’s landscape as you climb the mountain. The island also offers plenty of other activities for avid hikers, including surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, and paragliding.

Loggerhead turtles

If you want to see loggerhead turtles, you can go on a Cape Verde turtle tour. During the spawning season, loggerhead turtles come to the beach to lay their eggs. The female turtle can come to the beach as many as 4 or 5 times a year, burying her eggs and then covering them with her front flippers. If the beach is crowded, she may not want to lay her eggs in that area. There are teams of volunteers on the beach, keeping people and poachers away from nesting turtles. They also determine whether a turtle’s nest is viable.

You can also observe loggerhead turtles on the island of Zante. Turtle Island, an islet that is well-known for its nesting sites, is home to a conservation center. Turtle breeding season begins in April and runs through August. During the spawning season, you can see Loggerhead turtles and other sea turtles that make the island a haven for turtles.

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