Who Holidays in Sardinia?

Who Holidays in Sardinia?

If you’re wondering, “Who holidays in Sardinia?” then read this first. This Italian island boasts a number of stunning coastlines, and its 80 coves are reminiscent of the Caribbean. The west coast is home to the beautiful Isola Rossa, a stretch of gin-clear water. And like neighbouring Italy, Sardinia shares a passion for food and wine.


Cagliari is the capital city of Sardinia, Italy. This city is known for its 13th century Cathedral and hilltop Castello. The city also has the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Cagliari, which is housed in a former arsenal. It has a vast collection of artifacts, including those from the Nuragic age and the Byzantine era.

You can taste the island’s best wines in Cagliari. The local wineries feature light, fresh whites and reds, such as Cannonau and Carignano. Cagliari is also home to some great Sardinian cuisine, which is known for its Ligurian and Catalan influences. You should try the traditional Sardinian cheese, which is made from sheep’s milk. You should also try the local pastry, Sebadas, which are ravioli-like pastries filled with fresh Pecorino cheese and topped with bitter honey. Ristorante dal Corsaro and Trattoria da Serafino are two places in Cagliari that serve delicious Sardinian dishes.

The Gothic architecture in Cagliari is one of the city’s most prominent features. The city also has a few independent hotels, including the Arcipelago 37, which is located near one of the best beaches in Italy. If you don’t want to stay in a hotel, you can rent a holiday apartment or a villa for a couple of nights in Cagliari. You can also spend a night out at a popular bar or in a lively disco.


If you are looking for a relaxing beach holiday in Sardinia, Oristano in Sardinia is the place to be. The region’s beaches are unique and the town’s archaeology is worth exploring. The area is also home to the Tharros Archaeological site, which dates back to the 8th century BC. It is also home to the Romanesque ruins of the 12th century Cathedral, Santa Giusta, and Fordongianus.

You can reach Oristano in Sardinia by train from the main cities and ports on the island. You can also take a bus to the town, which is located near the Piazza G.Manno, the main square. There are also buses running twice daily from Oristano to Sassari and Cagliari Elmas airports. In addition, Fenosu Airport, which was once a small cargo airport, is only three kilometers (2 miles) from Oristano. However, this airport is not currently operational.

The Vernaccia di Oristano grape variety was probably introduced to Sardinia by the Phoenicians. This grape variety is similar to that of the Vernaccia grapes indigenous to Italy. However, unlike the other Vernaccias in Sardinia, Oristano’s variety is characterized by a distinct flavor and requires patient aging in barrels. The wine can be enjoyed anytime, whether with food or as a drink.


Bosa is a town and comune in the Oristano province in the Italian island of Sardinia. It is situated on a small hill about 3 km inland along the north bank of the Temo River. It is known for its beautiful beaches, as well as for its historic and cultural significance. The city is a popular tourist destination, and offers a unique experience for every visitor.

You can visit the town center, including the medieval centre and castle, during your visit. You can also take a guided tour to discover more of the city’s sights. It’s best to visit during the summer months, since they are the festival season. If you are unsure about where to go, you can always hire a tour guide or buy one at the airport. There are also several options for guided day trips from Cagliari to Bosa.

From Alghero, you can take a bus to Bosa. It takes about 90 minutes. There are two daily buses to Bosa, and you can also book a shuttle service. Unless you plan on spending a lot of time in Bosa, a car rental is a great option. The town has a variety of accommodations, from luxury hotels to budget hotels. There are many restaurants, cafes, and shops.


One of the most beautiful towns in Italy, Castelsardo is situated on a promontory near the sea. The town was first known as Castelgenovese and renamed by Charles Emmanuel III in the eighteenth century. The town is famous for its baskets and weaving, and it boasts an ancient seafaring tradition. A visit to the town will provide you with an insight into the island’s history.

The town is best visited from spring to autumn. Its Holy Week is particularly fascinating, and the town hosts a number of events during the summer. Located on a hill, Castelsardo is home to the natural spa Santa Maria Coghinas, which is well known for its warm water. This picturesque town also boasts a castle and a quaint old town.

The town has a small beach, which is accessible from most of the hotels. This beach is sandy and has a small cafe-bar. In summer, it is a great place to relax and enjoy the sea. Castelsardo is also a great place for families. If you’re looking for a more active holiday, there’s a golf course in the area.


A coastal city in northeastern Sardinia, Italy, Olbia is home to the Medieval San Simplicio basilica and the quaint cafes of the central squares. Its palm-lined waterfront is another attraction worth a visit. Nearby, you can visit the Museo Archeologico di Olbia, which is home to Roman and Nuragic artifacts. The Nuraghe Riu Mulinu is a huge archaeological site with sweeping views of the Gulf of Olbia.

The town’s center is full of shops, restaurants and attractions, but you can also stay near the port if you want to catch the ferry. The historic port area was located in the city center, separated from the present by a narrow road. The town’s main ferry port is situated on an island in the bay, connected to Olbia by a causeway. The central core of the town is centered on Corso Umberto, which is a lively street that leads up to the waterfront and into the Piazza Margherita.

The city of Olbia is an ancient city, possibly founded by the Greeks. While its modern port status is relatively new, the town’s history is long and varied. It was an important port during the Roman Era and a capital city of Gallura during the Middle Ages. Olbia also has an impressive Romanesque former cathedral, San Simplicio, which was built in the 11th-12th centuries. The 13th-century Basilica of San Simplicio is another must-see in the city. Olbia is a city that offers a lot of nightlife.

San Giovanni di Sinis

Located on the west coast of Sardinia, San Giovanni di Sinis is home to an interesting Byzantine church, one of the oldest in the Mediterranean. You can also visit the ancient city of Tharros, founded by the Phoenicians in the 8th century B.C., which is 4 1/2 km north of San Giovanni di Sinis. The town’s beautiful, unspoiled beaches are a perfect spot for a day at the beach.

The small, one-kilometer-long beach of San Giovanni di Sinis, Sardinian village of Cabras, is a popular destination for beachgoers and visitors alike. The surrounding landscape is breathtaking, and the water is clean and safe for swimming. There are lifeguards on duty in August, so you can rest assured that your family will enjoy a day by the sea. This seaside town offers a variety of restaurants, bars, and hotels, so there’s something for everyone. The village also has a slow train, which takes you into the center of town.

The Church of Saint John the Baptist is the most important landmark of San Giovanni di Sinis. Built of sandstone, it is among the island’s oldest churches, though the Basilica di San Saturnino in Cagliari is older. Though the church is more than a thousand years old, it still remains a functioning Catholic church. If you’re traveling with your family, be sure to plan your visit around the church, as the building is also a major tourist attraction.


The name “Sant’Archittu” means “the little arch” in Italian. This pristine stretch of coastline is a rare find. Situated near Oristano, this small seaside town is a popular vacation destination. It is a small beach village where you can enjoy the natural beauty and clear blue waters. The best time to visit S’Archittu is in spring or summer.

The island’s most famous attraction is the S’Archittu, an arch formed by wind and waves against limestone. This arch is a great spot to watch the sunset. S’Archittu has a nice beach and is easily accessible from the coast. Just park your car at the end of the village and head down the path. You will be impressed by the natural beauty of this village.

If you are arriving by plane or ferry, the best option is to rent a car. It is much cheaper to rent a car than to rent one from the airport. If you are only planning to relax and enjoy the sun, you don’t need a car, but if you plan to do some exploring, renting a car is recommended. The local public transport is not reliable and buses are rare.

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