Will Holidays Be Extended in Telangana This Year?

Will Holidays Be Extended in Telangana This Year?

The question arises whether the Telangana Government will extend the Holidays this year. In the past, the state had observed the holidays as part of the Sankranti celebrations. However, this year, the government decided to extend the holidays until June 21. This would ensure that students and employees had the time to spend with their families and to visit places of interest. The state government had also decided to postpone the Agriculture examinations until May 30.


The Telangana government has announced that the Sankranti and Covid-19 holidays will be extended till January 30. The decision came after a cabinet meeting convened by the state Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. The government has not imposed any strict vaccination restrictions yet, but has asked people to wear masks while entering schools. Besides, the state has enough medicines and oxygen beds for the affected students.

The Telangana High Court has directed educational institutions to hold offline and online classes during the Covid pandemic. The court gave directions to the education department while hearing petitions related to the Covid situation. Telangana schools will resume classes on February 1 after the extension of Sankranti holidays. Earlier, the government had extended the holidays in Telangana for one week.


TSBIE has announced the dates for the upcoming SANKRANTI and Pongal holidays. The holidays will start from January 8 to 16, and will end on January 17. Schools in Telangana are not guaranteed to be online or offline for those days, but they will be closed on Jan 17 and will reopen on January 21. This will allow students to catch up on missed assignments and projects.

On Saturday, the Telangana government announced that the state’s educational institutions would be closed until January 30, and that schools would be allowed to stay closed until the new year. The holidays were originally scheduled to start on January 18, but the state government has now decided to extend them until January 30. The holidays are being extended because of the high number of Covid-19 cases that have been reported. The state government also announced that schools must follow COVID-19 safety protocols.

Summer holidays

The Telangana Government has decided to extend summer holidays. The earlier scheduled break would have ended on May 31. The summer break will now start on April 24 and will end on June 12. The government will decide the reopening date on June 1. Earlier, the government had scheduled the reopening of schools from June 15 to 20. Now, it has extended the holidays to June 20. Moreover, the government has promoted students from Classes I to 10 to the next class without any exams.

Earlier, the government had decided to extend the summer break till June 20. But, in the recent times, this decision has not been taken heed of. According to the Directorate of School Education, this decision has been made to ensure that students get the best educational opportunities. This decision will be welcomed by the parents and students. Further, the summer vacation will be extended by a few days in every state.

Agriculture exams postponed

The Telangana State Council of Higher Education (TSCHE) has decided to postpone the upcoming EAMCET examinations for the fields of agriculture and medicine. The exams were to be held on July 14 and 15 in 2022, but have now been postponed until a later date. The new date is set for July 18 and 20, 2022. The announcement comes in the wake of heavy rainfall forecasted in the state.

Heavy rains and other issues in the state have pushed back a number of university entrance exams in the state. Students have been preparing for their exams for months, but the torrential rains have caused many students to miss their exams. The Telangana State Council of Higher Education (TSCHE) has opted to postpone the Agriculture and Medical stream exams until the weather conditions improve.

Schools, colleges closed

The government of Telangana declared schools, colleges, and universities closed for July 11 to 13. The closures were imposed because of heavy rains in the state. Telangana government has also extended the COVID-19 curbs, citing the growing number of cases. Meanwhile, Sankranthi holidays have also been extended. However, schools and colleges will continue to offer online classes until further notice.

The state government is required to provide separate medical kits for children affected by the Covid virus. As of now, adults affected by Coronavirus are receiving common medical kits, which are not suitable for children. Senior counsel Ravichander, who appeared for the petitioners, said that the children are suffering from serious health issues. There is only one facility for treating children in Telangana. However, the state government has a separate medical facility for those who need emergency treatment.

Online classes to continue

A few days back, the Telangana high court ordered all educational institutions to conduct both online and physical classes. The order was made during the hearing of COVID-19 petitions. After the long Sankranti holiday, the educational institutions reopened on February 1. The high court order is a relief to those who are struggling with school schedules during vacations. But the question is: will the schools conduct online and physical classes during holidays? The Telangana government will make the final decision on this.

The state government has extended the school holidays in Telangana until January 16, 2022. The holidays were originally announced for January 8-16, but have been extended due to a recent spike in cases of the disease Covid-19. The state government has also suspended offline classes for two weeks, beginning January 21. Hopefully, this will prevent further outbreaks of the disease in the state. If not, online classes will still be able to take place.

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